Get Certified & Trained as a Specimen Collector Instructor!  Certified Training Solutions offers the most comprehensive qualification training program available for DOT specimen collectors and Collector Trainers/Monitors.

Our Train the Trainer course includes the full Specimen Collector 4-hour online course, plus the additional COLLECTOR INSTRUCTOR TRAINING module, which is 1 hour*.

This convenient online "Train The Trainer" course is intended for those who wish to become qualified as a Specimen Collector Trainer - Instructor to act as the Qualified Monitor for other specimen collectors within their organization/facility/clinic.

Immediate access!  Start the course NOW, and print your certificate today.

DOT Specimen Collector Trainer training CCF

Learn how to become a DOT Specimen Collector and Collector Instructor
Learn how to become both a qualified professional specimen collector and collector instructor (trainer/monitor) by completing this online course in as little as 5 hours.
​Collectors must also complete a hands-on component to the training, called the Proficiency Demonstration before being fully qualified under the Federal Regulations (49 CFR Part 40).

This course provides in-depth training in the DOT rules & regulations and collection procedures -- and the training and certificate are good for five (5) years! 

Please click here for more details on how our Train-The-Trainer course works before purchasing. This online Collector Instructor Training Course (Train-The-Trainer) includes:

  • The entire DOT Specimen Collector training course (11 Modules)
  • Collector Instructor Training Module
  • Access to the Instructor Resources Page
  • This Instructor course includes all documents and forms from the Collector training course
  • Plus many additional documents/forms for the Monitor/Trainer to utilize in training others, including step-by-step instructions for the Collector Instructor student to ensure full compliance when conducting the hands-on specimen collector training with others.

You will learn the Department of Transportation (DOT) procedures required to properly conduct urine specimen collections for drug tests under the Federal Rules (49 CFR Part 40); and learn how to properly train professional specimen collectors in the procedures for drug testing/urine collections.

Note: Specimen Collector Trainers must be trained as qualified collectors, including completion of the proficiency demonstration. 
The cost of this course does not include the proficiency demonstration/five, live mock collections (you must find/provide your own monitor to complete the required proficiency demonstration, or proficiency training is available for an additional fee (click here for info)

​After completion of Certified Training Solutions' online Collector Trainer course, you are be eligible to receive an additional discount on the purchase of our online Collector Training courses for students that you train.  Generous group discounts available.
This online training course includes a FREE Trainer - Instructor documentation form for the proficiency demonstration (mock tests), a fill-in-the- blank Certificate for the Instructor/Monitor to sign upon completion of the hands-on training, and detailed instructions on how to conduct your live proficiency demonstration training class with your Collector Students.

See how Certified Training Solutions can simplify your Collector training process! Once you become a qualified Collector Trainer, ask us for a personalized price quote for your group. The online Collector training course is ideal to use as the required rules and regulations training (Component 1) for DOT Specimen Collectors. Other pre-study courses sell for as high as $250.00.  Save money today.

Our online DOT Specimen Collector Training Courses allow your Collector students to complete the required rules and regulations training at their own pace, making the your job easy! -- All you need to do is verify completion for each student (after taking this course, they will have a certificate as proof). And then the Instructor simply completes the five required mock collections (the collector proficiency demonstration) with the student.

DOT Specimen Collector Train-The-Trainer

Hands-on training not included.

This 5-hour online course is a complete study of the rules and regulations for conducting urine collections in the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing process [full Collector training], PLUS the Collector Trainer module, along with free forms and certificates -- all the Collector Trainer/Monitor needs to succeed at training other specimen collectors.
Please click here for Terms and limitations regarding this Certification before purchasing.

FULL Specimen Collector + Collector Instructor Training 
Includes the online Collector Procedures course, Trainer Module, & Proficiency Demonstration training by webcam.
Please register for a live webcam class  below after payment.
$439.99 per person


It is highly recommended that you complete your ENTIRE specimen collector training (procedures/online course and the hands-on proficiency demonstration training within a 30 day period). We offer this training by webcam for an additional fee, if needed. 

After completing this portion of the qualification training, the Collector must also demonstrate their proficiency in DOT collections by completing five (5) mock error-free collections under the observation of a qualified monitor*. The DOT requires that Specimen Collectors repeat their training every five years -- both parts of qualification training:
(1) Rules and regulations training along with training on proper collection procedures and documentation in all collection situations.
(2) as well as the proficiency demonstration (5 mock collections).

Click here for more information regarding the Qualified Monitor and Proficiency Demonstration requirements.

If you are new to this industry or a new specimen collector, you may wish to read our short, informative article on
HOW TO become a specimen collector for DOT drug testing here.

Collector Trainer Specimen collector training

Get Certified as a Specimen Collector Instructor today!

DOT Specimen Collector Sealed Urine Sample

Learn how to complete all required steps in a DOT Collection