Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program Training

Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program Training

Certified Training Solutions' drug-free workplace training for State of Tennessee employers is now available to help you meet the Drug Free Workplace Program Training Requirements for both supervisors and employees.

Supervisor Drug-Free Workplace Training Only $24.99 per person

Employee Drug-Free Workplace training - Only $18.99 per person

Group/volume discounts available!

Supervisor Drug Free Workplace Training

This course is geared towards supervisors who need to complete their "supervisor two-hour training" under the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program.  This course combines our full supervisor drug free workplace training for TN-based supervisors and our Reasonable Suspicion training course. Included in the course are: Eight (8) training modules, 7 quizzes, and 3 interactive simulations. Certificate awarded immediately upon successful completion.


Employee Drug-Free Workplace training

This online training course provides employees with information about the Tennessee DFWP requirements, the importance of a drug-free workplace, the impacts of substance abuse, the employee’s responsibilities in a drug-free workplace, and takes a look at alcohol use/abuse and several common drugs of abuse. This course contains 5 training modules and 4 quizzes. Certificate awarded immediately upon successful completion.


COST IS PER-PERSON (a separate course must be purchased for each employee/supervisor).
: The Tennessee Rules require that every employee -- including supervisors -- complete an additional one-hour of "employee" drug-free workplace training. Therefore, ALL supervisors should also purchase and complete the 1-hour Employee Drug-Free Workplace Training course.​


These online training courses provide an overview of the Tennessee Dept of Labor and Workforce Development Drug Free Workplace Program.
Courses also include the following information:

  • Definition and importance of drug-free workplace.

  • Written policy for drug-free workplace and policy elements.

  • Confidentiality.

  • Supervisor/manager and employee responsibilities in a drug-free workplace.

  • Impact and costs of drug and alcohol use/abuse in the workplace.

  • Addiction and help for those with substance abuse problems.

  • Employee assistance programs (EAPs).

  • Documenting situations of drug and/or alcohol use on the job.

  • Reasonable Suspicion testing.

  • Confronting employees in drug and alcohol use situations.

  • Signs and symptoms of various drugs of abuse and alcohol use.

  • Details about common drugs of abuse (what they look like, how they are used, indicators of use).


EMPLOYERS, PLEASE NOTE: Our TN Drug-Free Workplace Online Training Courses meet some, but not all, of the state's requirements. The employer also has the responsibility to provide information to all employees regarding your specific company's:

1. Drug-Free Workplace Program policies;
2. Testing procedures;
3. Consequences for violating the covered employer’s policies;
4. The specific drugs for which testing will be performed; and
5. Any employee assistance program (EAP) and/or substance abuse treatment options available for their employees.

Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Training

Click Here for the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development for Program details and requirements.

Volume or group discounts:
Do you have 5 or more supervisors or employees that need training? If so, we are happy to provide you with a discount/group price quote.
This course is available for  30-days from the date of purchase. Upon registration and payment, students will  have up to 30 days to complete the course online. Students may "come & go"  from the online course at their convenience -- it is not necessary to complete the entire course in one sitting.
All courses provide a Certificate for printing upon completion.
Our courses are not video based, rather, for a more active learning experience, online learners read & navigate the courses at their own pace.  Interaction is required frequently in the quizzes and interactive simulations.


Sample Certificate for Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Training
Tennessee employers are required to give a written policy statement to employees and job applicants which contains a copy of the covered employer’s drug and alcohol policy which complies with T.C.A. Section 50-9-101 et seq. and is based upon the model language provided on the bureau’s website.