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Custom Corporate Training Solutions

Computer-based Training Courses Created Just For You!

Certified Training Solutions offers corporate training solutions that go beyond traditional training. 

For as low as $10.00 per month, per employee you can take advantage of high-quality, online training that offers consistency organization-wide.

Face it: We are all expected to do more with less in today's business world. HR Professionals and business leaders are faced with the challenge of providing necessary training with less money, tighter budgets, and more time constraints.

Find out how you can utilize our expertise and our online training system to provide your employees with customized training that is convenient, flexible, and timely.

Custom training portal

1. We can create a custom training portal for your employees, using any of our current training courses or using customized training content.

2. Custom branding: company logo - colors and much more.

3. As a manager of your custom portal you can print reports, check student progress and enroll students. 

Custom Content - We offer two options:

1. You provide your content for any training topic, and we will turn it into an online training course. Your content is customized specifically for your employees and accessible only by the staff you choose.

  Examples: New Employee Orientation Training, Safety Training, Policy and Procedures Training

2.  Custom-created training. Let our experts create customized training courses to meet the needs of your organization.

Provide your employees with flexible, relevant training online.  The training can be accessed ANY TIME, ANYWHERE!
Give your employees high quality
training t
hat builds
their skills and performance, improves talent, and increases loyalty and productivity.
On-target training customized for your organization!

Why online training?

Money savings - An inexpensive alternative to face-to-face training. Low cost per employee!
Time savings - No more scheduling nightmares, trying to get everyone together at the same place and same time.

Convenient and Flexible - Employees login any time, anyplace. Courses are self-paced.
Consistency - Every employee gets the same training, hears the same message. You know the quality of training that each employee receives will be consistent.
Trackable - Reports provided to you monthly FREE of charge!

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