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Specimen Collector for Drug Testing Training and Certification Online Course

Become a Trained Technician for DOT Drug Testing - Collections Today!

Only $89.99 for the Online Procedures Course!

​We offer the most comprehensive and easy-to-use online qualification training program available for DOT specimen collectors.

​Immediate training access. This online course exceeds the industry standard and Federal training requirements. We guarantee that you will not find a more thorough online course for less money!

​This 4-hour* online course is a complete study of the regulations for conducting urine collections in the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing process.

Only $89.99

DOT specimen collector training drug testing training certification

Learn how to complete all steps properly in the DOT drug testing/collection process
Learn how to become a certified specimen collector for DOT drug testing today!  Print your certificate immediately upon completion.

Important Note:  The fee for this course does not include a monitor/trainer's services or fees for the proficiency demonstration, which is required before the specimen collector is allowed to conduct DOT collections (by Federal Regulation).  We are pleased to offer the Proficiency Demonstration Training either in live classes or by webcam. Click Here.
Please read ALL information on our website before purchasing this course to ensure a thorough understanding of what our course does and does not include.
Want to learn how to become a specimen collector for DOT drug testing?  Watch our FREE, on-demand webinar that will teach you HOW in less than 10 minutes!

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Click above to watch the FREE webinar "How to Become a Specimen Collector for DOT Drug Testing"
DOT Specimen Collectors must receive "qualification training" in order to comply with the Federal Regulations included in 49 CFR Part 40. Certified Training Solutions' online qualification training course includes the DOT-required information such as:

(1) How to complete all steps necessary to conduct a urine specimen collection correctly and the proper completion and transmission of the Custody & Control Form (CCF);
(2) How to handle “problem collections" (e.g., situations like “shy bladder” and attempts to tamper with a specimen);
(3) When is a Direct Observation collection necessary & how the directly observed collection must be conducted; along with training on monitored collection situations;
(4) What are fatal flaws and correctable flaws; and how to correct problems in collections; and
(5) The collector's responsibility for:

    • maintaining the integrity of the collection process
    • ensuring the privacy of employees being tested
  • ensuring the security of the specimen

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DOT Specimen Collector Training

​​If you would like a training class at your facility  Click Here

We offer a comprehensive online "Train The Trainer" course for those who wish to become certified as a Specimen Collector Instructor for other specimen collectors within their organization.

BONUS Material!  In addition to the DOT regulations training, we include a bonus module that guides the learner though a series of complex collection scenarios.  This portion is designed to build confidence in the collector as well as prepare them for real-world challenges they may face on the job as a professional certified specimen collector for drug testing.

Why are Certified Training Solutions’ online training courses the number one choice for DOT specimen collectors?

  • Written by top industry professionals and experts in their fields - rest assured you ​are receiving the most thorough, highest-quality and up-to-date online training available.
  • Engage a variety of learning tools - graphics, audio summaries, and quizzes... plus bonus reference materials to print!
  • Convenient and easy-to-use format - learn at your own pace... come and go from the online course and complete the modules at a time & place convenient for you.
  • Suitable for organizations performing non-regulated testing – ensure accuracy and stringency by following the DOT standards for your collection site.
  • In this online course, we include a FREE Trainer/Monitor form for the required documentation and a fill-in-the blank Certificate for the Qualified Collector Instructor to sign! 

DOT Specimen Collector Online Training

This 4-hour online course is a complete study of the rules and regulations for conducting urine collections in the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing process.
Hands-on training not included.
Only  $89.99

DOT Specimen Collector Instructor Training

This online training course covers both Collector training and Train-The-Trainer.
Hands-on training not included.

Click Here For More Information about our TRAINER course.


We offer one or both components of the two-part training that is required under the Federal Regulations. Choose which training course is right for you, below.

DOT Specimen Collector Online Training

Component 1 - Online Qualification Training (Procedures & Regulations Course)

Only  $89.99


FULL DOT Specimen Collector Online Training​
Includes the Procedures Course AND Proficiency Demonstration by webcam. 
Please register for a live webcam class below after payment
$339.99 per person


DOT Specimen Collector Instructor Online Procedures Training

Includes online DOT Specimen Collector  course PLUS Trainer module,
Includes FREE Resources (forms, Trainer instructions, & Certificates). More info HERE.
Hands-on training not included.
FULL Specimen Collector + Collector Instructor Training 
Includes the online Collector Procedures course, Trainer Module, & Proficiency Demonstration training by webcam.
Please register for a live webcam class  below after payment.
$439.99 per person

It is highly recommended that you complete your ENTIRE specimen collector training (procedures/online course and the hands-on proficiency demonstration training within a 30 day period). We offer this training by webcam for an additional fee, if needed. 

By purchasing this course, you understand and agree to our Refund Policy.

The DOT requires that Specimen Collectors repeat their training every five years -- both parts of qualification training:
(1) Rules and regulations training along with training on proper collection procedures and documentation in all collection situations. (2) as well as the proficiency demonstration (5 mock collections).
Click here for more information regarding the Qualified Monitor and Proficiency Demonstration requirements.
​*Course is self-paced, but takes the average user about 4 hours to complete.

We now offer Error Correction Training for specimen collectors!  The DOT rules require that a specimen collector who makes an error that causes a test to be cancelled (a fatal flaw) must complete error-correction training within 30 days according to 49 CFR Part 40.33(f).  Error Correction Training is offered both live (face-to-face) and via webcam. Please email or call 307-640-5859 to inquire or schedule.

Don't miss out on these Important Resources for DOT Specimen Collectors (and others engaged in workplace drug testing) -- Click HERE for the following publications:

  • Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines
  • DOT’s 10 Steps to Collection Site Security and Integrity Video
  • DOT Mock Collection Instructional Video
  • How Can I Become a Collector For DOT Drug Testing?
  • eCCF Notice & eCCF Notice to Collectors
  • And read OUR ARTICLE HERE (click) on How To Become a DOT Specimen Collector

See our Terms & Conditions for Refund Policy details for online Collector Training.

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