DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations Training for Supervisors, DAPMs, and Employer Representatives

Learn the Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Rules

For only $29.95, this online training course will teach your company's Drug and Alcohol Program Manager (DAPM), Designated Employer Representative (DER), or Supervisor/Manager how to properly follow the Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations relating to drug and alcohol testing. This easy-to-follow training course is the fastest, most convenient method for delivering a complete overview of the DOT 49 CFR Part 40 Rules and Regulations -- and putting you on your way to compliance with the Federal Regulations.
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Why you need this course: 

A thorough understanding of the Department of Transportation (DOT) Rules, Regulations and operating procedures is your primary defense against incurring unnecessary penalties for non-compliance.In fact, we feel so strongly that our program will benefit your company that we invite you to try it at a discounted price for a limited time. Right now, DAPMs, DERs, and supervisors can get the overview they need to keep your company compliant and your employees operating safely for 30% off the regular price!

This highly detailed course covers:
- The DOT Operating Agencies
- Who is subject to the DOT's drug and alcohol testing rules and when
- DOT's drug testing and alcohol testing processes
- Employer, employee, and supervisor responsibilities
- Consequences for positive tests and refusals to test
- Different types of substances (drugs) that are used and abused
- How these substances affect a person's health, abilities, performance, etc.
- The effects of alcohol abuse
- Personal and professional issues caused by alcohol use and drug abuse
- The role of the substance abuse professional (SAP)
- ​The Return-to-duty process, as required under the DOT Part 40 regulations
- Record-keeping, records access, and confidentiality

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Course Details: This course is self-paced and takes approximately two (2) hours to complete.  The course contains seven (7) learning modules and six (6) multiple choice exams/quizzes.  The course is accessible 24/7 from any computer. You must purchase one course per-person.

 Volume or group discounts: Do you have 5 or more supervisors that need training? If so, ask us for a personalized price quote.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations for Supervisors & Employer Representatives (DAPMs and DERs)

This online training course will assist supervisors, managers, and company officials in understanding DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations. Note: This course is available for  30-days from the date of purchase. Upon registration and payment, students will  have up to 30 days to complete the course online. Students may "come & go"  from the online course at their convenience -- it is not necessary to complete  the entire course in one sitting.

After you successfully complete the course, you will be able to print your Certificate of Completion immediately.

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