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This DOT Reasonable Suspicion online training course offers one-hour of training on the specific, contemporaneous, physical, behavioral, and performance indicators of probable drug use; and one-hour of training on the specific, contemporaneous, physical, behavioral, and performance indicators of probable alcohol use. Therefore, this course meets the requirements for programs requiring 2 hours of training.

This compliant online training course will provide you with the necessary tools and skills to make Reasonable Suspicion determinations and meet various Department of Transportation (DOT) Agency requirements for supervisor Reasonable Suspicion training (signs and symptoms of alcohol misuse and drug abuse), including the FMCSA Regulations, as well as several other DOT agency requirements. 

Who needs Reasonable Suspicion training?

Supervisors and company officials overseeing employees (regulated workers) under the FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, and PHMSA -- meaning those in the following industries should take the DOT Reasonable Suspicion training: trucking/transportation, airlines, transit, railroad, maintenance of way, pipeline, and hazardous materials.

Is training required for supervisors? 

Yes, the Federal Department of Transportation Agency Regulations require that supervisors receive training to determine whether an employee should undergo a Reasonable Suspicion drug test and/or alcohol test. The purpose of this Reasonable Suspicion training is to educate supervisors, managers, and company leaders to recognize the effects of drug abuse and alcohol misuse in the workplace. This course will help you meet the DOT mandated training requirements.

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​​In this course, you Will Learn:

  • What is the role of the supervisor in making a reasonable suspicion determination?
  • What observations are needed to require a test?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of alcohol use?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of various drugs of abuse?
  • What should the supervisor do if they feel a Reasonable Suspicion drug or alcohol test is necessary?
  • How to properly document a reasonable suspicion situation.
  • How to handle confidentiality concerns.
  • And Much More!

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Substance abuse in the workplace is a problem for employers.  Supervisors have an important role in ensuring the safety of the public. This supervisor reasonable suspicion online training course includes several free resources and prepares supervisors and company leaders to properly handle their responsibility for making and documenting reasonable suspicion determinations effectively.​

The 100% online training prepares the supervisor, manager, or company official to appropriately handle the reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing process. Access 24/7 and complete the course individually at your own pace from any computer.



Sospecha Razonable En Español para Supervisores Cubiertas

Spanish Reasonable Suspicion Course for DOT-COVERED Supervisors


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*Self-paced course. Most users spend at least 2 hours completing the training. It is the learner's responsibility to spend the minimum amount of time on the training to meet any Federal training requirements.