Why do we support St. Paco’s Animal Rescue?

There is no shortage of worthy, charitable causes in the U.S., so . . . Why do we support St. Paco’s Animal Rescue?
1.  We love animals!

• Sadly, there are many abused, neglected, and mistreated animals in the U.S. However, many U.S. animal shelters receive government funding and/or draw the attention of generous Americans who donate and help support them. 

2. St. Paco’s Animal Rescue does not receive any government funding — and being south of the border, few Americans (or other folks with the financial means and generosity) even know about the rescue or donate to it.

3.  The condition and treatment of dogs and cats in Mexico is appalling! 

 In a country like Mexico, due to lack of education, poverty, and generations of a “varmint” mentality towards dogs and cats, these beautiful animals are subjected to dreadful conditions.  They are  tortured, starved, and abused beyond comprehension.

4.  St. Paco’s Animal Rescue struggles to provide even the most basic of needs to the animals that find their way there; and the animals are typically in far worse condition than animals taken in by U.S. shelters.  The horrendous condition that most dogs arrive in can bring even “tough guys” to tears.

5.  St. Paco’s Animal Rescue needs our help – and yours – for these poor animals’ basic needs (food, shelter, medical care) and their spay/neuter efforts. 

We choose to help! You can too!

PLEASE, if you can help, click here to learn more about St. Paco’s Animal Rescue and DONATE today!  

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