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EV30 Evidential Breath Tester EBT

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Choosing a Breath Alcohol Testing Instrument

   The Lifeloc EV30™ is an American manufactured evidential breath alcohol tester for DOT and non-DOT alcohol testing. Simple to learn and easy to use the EV30 employs Lifeloc’s 1 inch platinum fuel cell sampling system. No other sampling system has a longer working life or is better suited to deep lung breath alcohol testing. The EV30 fuel cell is warrantied for the life of your instrument. 

The EV30 instrument and printer are built to last. A double-sealed weather resistant display, gasket protected buttons, and a rugged housing along with conformance with international drop, shock and vibration standards assures years of reliable performance. Our newest travel cases are watertight, dust proof and crushproof with reinforced hinges and latches to protect your investment.

We proudly offer training on the Phoenix 6.0 and EV30 – Please Click Here for more information.

The EV30 thermal printer (ribbon-free) is fast and quiet. Standout features include large paper roll capacity, low paper alert, and the optional shoulder strap for mobile testing. The long-life lithium-ion battery can be recharged in the printer without the need for a separate battery charger. Lifeloc Thermalast™ archival paper easily exceeds DOT record retention requirements and provides sharp, high contrast print-outs for unambiguous interpretation whether you’re reading, faxing or scanning test results.

EV30 Features
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