FMCSA Post-accident Testing: New Online Training Course Announcement

Certified Training Solutions is pleased to announce our brand new, fully online training course for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) POST-ACCIDENT testing.  This online training will answer the supervisor’s, manager’s, and designated employer representative’s questions regarding post-accident drug and alcohol testing in the transportation industry, such as:

  • When does a truck driver or school bus driver have to submit to a post-accident drug and alcohol test?
  • What is a “Qualifying Accident” that requires testing?
  • What am I required to know about post-accident drug testing and alcohol testing under the Federal Regulations?
  • What type of testing is required in post-accident situations for CDL drivers?
  • What other situations require drug and alcohol testing under the Federal Rules?
  • What accidents do NOT require Federal post-accident drug testing and alcohol testing?
  • How do I know if I am compliant in our drug and alcohol (substance abuse) testing program?

The best part is:  As a promotion in rolling out the new training course, we are offering a 25% discount off the regular price, which means you can purchase this course today for only $23.95!
As the leading online training provider in the Department of Transportation (DOT) industry, Certified Training Solutions offers easy-to-use, instant-access courses – and you may download and print your Certificate immediately upon completion of the training.

Our new FMCSA Post-accident testing training course covers what situations require Federal drug testing and alcohol testing, according to the 49 CFR Part 382 Regulations.  The expanded training course also provides detail on the “other” testing reasons to ensure that you are thoroughly familiar with all required testing reasons under the DOT and FMCSA Rules.  This includes providing learners with instruction and detail regarding pre-employment testing, random testing, reasonable suspicion testing, return-to-duty testing, and follow up testing.

To read more details and for free resources and links relating to Federal drug and alcohol testing, please see our website and this new online training course page at:

You may also be interested in our free Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Checklist, which is available as a pdf download here:
This free checklist is a great resource for documenting signs and symptoms of suspected substance abuse in the workplace by DOT-covered employees.
As always, please contact us if we may assist you.  We are available by telephone at 307-640-5859 or 1-888-684-1658; or email us at:

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