Department of Transportation Proposes Rule Changes That Will Affect Specimen Collectors

 Are you ready for the expected changes to the DOT Rules on October 1, 2017?  If you engage in DOT or Federal drug and alcohol testing, we urge you to read about the proposed (likely) Rule changes and prepare yourself in advance.  Example:  It is proposed that all specimen collectors, breath alcohol technicians, screening test technicians, and others involved in the DOT alcohol and drug testing process must register for ODAPC’s list-serve (to ensure that you keep abreast of regulatory changes). 

We encourage anyone involved in drug and alcohol testing services to register now at:

Another important change that is expected is the addition of four opioids (hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone, and oxycodone) to the drug-testing panel.

You may read more about the rest of the proposed changes at:

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