Breathalyzer Care & Cleaning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time of the Coronavirus pandemic and concerns regarding the transmission of COVID-19, Certified Training Solutions would like to pass along breathalyzer-care information from the manufacturer of Alcovisor devices, such as the Jupiter, Mercury, and Mark V:

“… we want to help ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy while using of our products.
As part of this, preventing the spread of germs is very important whether it’s the flu, common cold, or the recent outbreak of COVID-19.
With that being said, we would like to provide the following reminders and recommendations: • Cleaning Your Unit:
• Alcovisor Breath Testers can be cleaned using alcohol-free cleaners such as those containing Benzalkonium Chloride as the active ingredient. While being alcohol-free they still kill most bacteria, fungi, and viruses. They are packaged as Redi-Wipes, Wet Ones, Purell, etc. When using wipes packaged in a tub style container, just make sure the last few wipes – which are typically dripping with the cleaner – are wrung out so as not to allow excess liquid into the device.  After cleaning, allow 30 minutes to pass before performing a breath test on the next donor.
• Mouthpieces:  Alcovisor mouthpieces are individually wrapped and the end of the wrapper should only be removed just prior to conducting a breath test. o If you have either the Mercury or Jupiter model, the mouthpiece ejector on the side of the unit should be used to avoid contact while removing the mouthpiece.
o Mouthpieces for all Alcovisor models are designed to drive the exhaled breath away from the person operating the unit.  
In addition, the manufacturer recommends wearing disposable gloves, masks, and a hat for your personal safety when using your Alcovisor alcohol breath tester.

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and please contact us if we can be of assistance.”


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