Specimen Collector Proficiency Demonstration Webcam Training Documents

Please print each of the following documents/forms as indicated for each student prior to your webcam training. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are prepared and have all forms printed and ready at the start of your class.

If you have trouble or need assistance, please email: 
Admin@CertifiedTrainingSolutions.com or
​call 307-640-5859.

 If you have any questions, concerns, or connection problems at class-time, please contact your Trainer (Brian) at 865-224-1140 or email: Brian@CertifiedTrainingSolutions.com

Students should organize the documents in the order in which they are listed below (from the top down).
Also, you must check the list at the bottom of this page and ensure that you have all necessary equipment and supplies ready-to-go on the training day.


Trainer Contact Information - Please print 1 copy

1.  Sign in sheet (Please sign in on this. This will need to be returned to us after your class.) - 1 per class

Collector Proficiency Demo Sign In Sheet
File Size: 301 kb
File Type: pdf

Download Collector Proficiency Demo Sign In Sheet

2.  Acknowledgement of Responsibilities - 
Print 1 per student

Student Info Sheet & Acknowledgement
File Size: 304 kb
File Type: pdf

Download Student Info Sheet & Acknow.

3. Collection Procedure Checklist - Effective Aug 30, 2021
Print 1 per student
 (Follow this step-by-step during your mock tests in your webcam class.)

Collector Procedures Checklist. Eff 8-30-21
File Size: 1164 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

4.  Print 1 per student for use in class.

Mock Collections Documentation Form
File Size: 33 kb
File Type: pdf

Download Mock Collections Documentation Form

5.  Print 1 per student for use in class.

Water Log Form (for recording fluids in Shy Bladder situation)
File Size: 21 kb
File Type: pdf

Download Water Log Form

6.  SAMPLE CCFs/Remarks.
Print 1 per student for reference in class.

7.  IMPORTANT: Every student must thoroughly read this document before training and you MUST meet ALL of these requirements for webcam training.

DOT Collector Webcam Training Details-Requirements
File Size: 546 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

Please read:

The fee includes the webcam proficiency demonstration class with a qualified instructor by webcam.  Students must complete Certified Training Solutions' online Procedures training (either the Collector or Collector Train-The-Trainer Procedures online course) prior to the completion of the Proficiency Demonstration class via webcam. Online procedures training and webcam proficiency training each have a separate fee.

If you need to reach your Instructor, please email Brian@CertifiedTrainingSolutions.com  Your instructor may also be reached on his cell phone at 865-224-1140.

Important: You must have your own supply of (official) DOT/Federal collection kits and Custody and Control Forms [CCFs] from your HHS-Accredited lab prior to the webcam training.  To successfully complete the proficiency demonstration, each student must complete five specific, consecutive, error-free mock collections under the observation of their qualified Instructor via real-time webcam.  Please have at least 7-10 DOT collection kits and Federal CCFs available for the webcam class.

Important Notice:  If you need to change or reschedule your webcam training after you agree on a date/time, you must do so more than 7 business days in advance of the scheduled start time.  Failure to re-schedule more than 7 full business days in advance will result in forfeiture of the full training fee.  In the event of short-notice cancellation or rescheduling (less than 7 business days), the full training fee for webcam training must be paid again if you wish to re-schedule.  We apologize for this, but also hope that our students and customers understand that we must pay our Instructors for their time, and that short-notice cancellations do not allow us enough time to re-schedule another student to fill the slot.  If you wish to reschedule training after a short-notice cancellation, please contact us at Admin@certifiedtrainingsolutions.com or call 307-640-5859, and be prepared to submit full payment for the webcam session again.

If you request for us to do your proficiency training via webcam, you MUST meet ALL requirements for webcam training, no exceptions. If you show up for class unprepared, you will need to pay the training fee again to reschedule.