Certified Training Solutions Newsletters Updated With New Links and Resources

We have updated three of our informative newsletters to assist our current and prospective customers. These include:

  1. How to Become a Breath Alcohol Technician

2. Choosing a Breath Alcohol Testing Instrument, and

3. DOT ALCOHOL TESTING: Breath Alcohol Technician(BAT) vs.Screening Test Technician(STT)

The articles provide the same great information as the originals, such as steps you must take to become trained under the Department of Transportation (DOT) Rules to legally perform Federal alcohol tests, how to select a DOT-approved testing device, and what the differences are between becoming certified as a screening test technician versus being trained as a breath alcohol technician.

However, we have updated several links, since the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is no longer publishing a Conforming Products List (CPL) of approved devices the same way it has in the past. Rather you may find the lists of Approved Screening Devices here and Approved Evidential Breath Measurement Devices here on the DOT’s website. This method of publishing/posting approved alcohol testing devices allows for timely communication to the public of newly-approved alcohol measurement devices.