Certified Training Solutions’ Online STT Train-The-Trainer Course prepares the learner to act as the “Qualified Monitor” for other STT students in the future.  The Certification is good for 5 years.

After completing our online STT Train-The-Trainer Procedures course, the STT Trainer student must complete their STT training according to the DOT rules. This includes completion of their own proficiency demonstration with a qualified monitor/trainer within 30 days of completing the online procedures course. 

After completing your own “Trainer” training (components 1 and 2), all you need to do for each person you wish to train (or re-train) as a STT for DOT alcohol screening tests is:

1 – Purchase an online STT procedures course (you’ll get these at a discounted rate of $59.99 each),

2 – Then within 30 days of their completion of the online STT procedures course, get together with them and complete their proficiency demonstration class.

All of the forms and documents you will need are included for you to save/print when you take our online STT Train-The-Trainer course.  

Bonus!  You will also receive an extremely detailed Trainer/Monitor Class Instruction Document that outlines how to run your proficiency demonstration class with your STT Students — to ensure compliance with the Federal Regulations.

Important Note:  Our STT Train-The-Trainer course does NOT give you the materials for teaching the Procedures training (component 1 of the DOT-required 2-part training).  Rather, it is expected that our STT Train-The-Trainer students will continue to use Certified Training Solutions’ online STT Procedures courses for each Screening Test Technician they train (you must purchase a new course for each STT student you wish to train).  This will ensure compliance and consistency in training to meet the Federal requirements for Screening Test Technicians under the Department of Transportation (DOT) testing program.

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE:  By purchasing any of Certified Training Solutions’ online and/or webcam or live Train-The-Trainer courses, you agree that you will train only staff/employees within your own company/clinic, or facility. In obtaining training/certification from Certified Training Solutions, you also agree that you will purchase a new and separate online course for each person that you train.