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Course Name: DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Training
Proficiency Demonstration (7 error-free mocks) with a Qualified Trainer
PAS Instruments - Jupiter Alcovisor - Mercury Alcovisor - Mark V Alcovisor
Lifeloc Devices - Phoenix 6.0 or EV30
Intoximeters Devices - Alco-sensor IV, RBT IV, Alcomonitor CC, Alco-sensor Vxl

Course Location: WEBCAM

Note: The online Qualification Training course must be completed within 30 days of Instrument Proficiency Demonstration Training. Ensure that you purchase and complete the Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) course within
the 30 days prior to this class date, and bring your Certificate of Completion to class with you.
IMPORTANT: Full payment for Proficiency Demonstration Training must be made at least 30 days prior to your live training class. Your seat in this class is not guaranteed until full payment is received.
After registering, you will receive an invoice with payment instructions.




    Jupiter AlcovisorMercury AlcovisorMark V AlcovisorPhoenix 6.0 (Lifeloc)EV30 (Lifeloc)Intoximeters device (please indicate)Other


    The fee for BAT web cam training is $299.00 - $450.00* per person, depending on which instrument you use and require certification training on. Live and onsite training may be available on an as-requested basis.
    Although CTS attempts to assist customers with completing their proficiency demonstrations when possible, we do not guarantee that we can provide or find a monitor for your device or at your location. It is ultimately your responsibility to find and provide your own Monitor or Trainer to complete your device proficiency training and pay any associated fees.
    *Fees vary by instrument/device.  The full BAT training/certification fee on Alcovisor devices (Jupiter, Mercury and Mark V) is $299.00 per person if the device is purchased from Certified Training Solutions.  Full BAT training/certification on Lifeloc breathalyzers is $410.00 per person.  Bonus:  The training prices listed for Alcovisor and Lifeloc devices include Factory Authorized Calibration Technician training & certification.
    Note:  Additional fees may apply for only one (1) student via webcam.  It is preferred that two students take the class at the same time.