Course Name: On-Site Screening Test Technician Training
Proficiency Demonstration Class (Device training and 5 error-free mock tests) with a Qualified Trainer
Course Location: On-site/Your Location
Course Details: 
Submit this form to receive a personalized quote for onsite training at your location. All Screening Test Technician (STT) students must complete the online procedures training course prior to your onsite class. We will provide you with a quote that includes both portions of the DOT-required training for your group.

Note:  Group pricing is typically offered for groups of 4-6 students or more.  You may find it more economical for 1-3 STT students to complete your device proficiency training by webcam ($219 each).  We will be happy to provide a quote for ANY number of students; however, please consider that there will likely be fees related to instructor travel time, overnight expenses, etc.