If you are having difficulty logging into your account, please read and try the following solutions:


~Are you using the correct Username The Username is case sensitive.

Your Username is usually your FULL email address.  
(Example: If your email address is: Joe-Example@yahoo.com, be sure to type in the full email (not just "Joe-Example")
Hint: Type carefully-- make sure you are not making any typos or misspellings in your email address.

(On rare occasions, users are assigned a Username that is not their email address - this usually occurs when your company/employer sets up the training course for you and does not provide us with an email address for you. If your employer registered you for the training course and you do not have -- or did not provide them with -- an email address, please check with them for your Username.)


Are you using the correct Password? 

Passwords are "case sensitive" (this means you must type it EXACTLY as you set it up (or as it was assigned to you... Capital letters and all).
Example:  If your password is: MyPassword1, you need to be sure that the M and the P are capitalized.

If you are certain that your Username is correct, but you still cannot log in, TRY USING THE "FORGOT PASSWORD" option on the login screen.  This will allow you to reset your password so that you may access your account.

~If someone else purchased the course for you and already created a password for your email address or Username, please check with them for your password. 

Are you using the correct LINK to log in?

Upon initial enrollment (first time users in our learning system), you are emailed a link to set up your account & password.  Please read your email carefully. In most cases, you must click the first "invitation link" in the email the FIRST TIME you access the system to set up your own password.

Thereafter, you will use the following link (web address) to log in:



Hint: The initial "Invitation Link" that you are sent is unique to you only. If you are using a link that was shared with you by another person in your organization, it will not work for you. You must search your email for YOUR unique invitation link and click on this link only.