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Certified Training Solutions offers BAT Train-The-Trainer Certification on select evidential breath testing devices (EBTs), including the Alcovisor Jupiter, Mercury and the Mark V, Intoximeters devices (such as as the Alco-sensor IV), Lifeloc devices (such as the Phoenix 6.0 and EV30), and other devices.

Please inquire to see if we offer training on your specific breath testing instrument, or call us at 307-640-5859.

We can also help you with the whole package if you need a device and Instructor training on your breathalyzer:   Click here for approved devices!


Train-The-Trainer cost: 
Alcovisor devices (Jupiter, Mercury and Mark V): $600.00 per person*
~Includes online procedures training course, live** or webcam device proficiency training, Train-The-Trainer training, 5-year BAT and Trainer Certification, and Factory Authorized Calibration Technician training/certification.

Other Breath Testing Devices: Cost varies depending on device make/model . . . usually @ $700, includes all three required components of the training — (1) Online BAT procedures course, (2) Device proficiency training for BATs by webcam, and (3) Trainer/Instructor training on your device by webcam.


Certified Training Solutions’ Breath Alcohol Technician Train-The-Trainer Course prepares the learner to act as the “Qualified Instructor/Trainer” for other BAT students in the future on their specific EBT device.  The Certification is good for 5 years.

BAT Train-The-Trainer requires that the learner complete two training components:

1.      The Procedures Training (this is our online BAT procedures course)

2.      Instrument-proficiency training in conjunction with “Train The Trainer” training. (This component of the training is accomplished either live/face-to-face or by webcam… The DOT rules require that this portion of the training be completed in a way that allows for real-time interaction between the instructor and the student; therefore, it cannot be done self-study or purely online.)

After completing the online BAT Procedures course, you will need to complete your instrument proficiency training and BAT Train-The-Trainer training on your device.

Note: By Federal Regulation, BAT training/certification is instrument-specific. You must be trained/certified on the specific make & model of evidential breath testing device that you will be using in the real world. (There is no such thing as a “general” BAT certification… There is no “one training works for all” when it comes to BAT training.)

Component 2 (the instrument proficiency training) will include training on your specific device and cover its features, functions, options, etc.  You will be trained on proper and compliant Log Book recording for your device and also taught how to perform accuracy checks (AKA calibration checks or calibration verifications). Depending on your specific device, we may also be able to train you as a Factory Authorized Calibration Technician (which means you will be “legally” allowed to calibrate the instrument, if needed).

Your Component 2 training will include completion of the required seven (7) mock, error-free tests on your device. During the same session as your Component 2/Device Proficiency Training, your Instructor will do your “Train-The-Trainer” training with you. This Train-The-Trainer training will qualify and prepare you to train others within your own organization as BATs on your specific device.

After completing your own BAT and “Trainer” training (components 1 and 2), all you need to do for each person you wish to train (or re-train) as a BAT for DOT alcohol tests is:

1 – Purchase an online BAT procedures course (you’ll get these at a discounted rate of $79.99 each),

2 – Then within 30 days of their completion of the online BAT procedures course, get together with them and complete their Instrument proficiency class.

After you successfully complete your BAT Instructor training/certification a link will be emailed to you providing you access to your BAT TRAINER RESOURCES PAGE.  This webpage contains all of the forms and documents you will need to run your own Instrument Proficiency Training Class with your own BAT students.

Important Note:  Our BAT Train-The-Trainer course does NOT give you the materials for teaching the Procedures training (component 1 of the DOT-required 2-part training).  Rather, it is expected that our BAT Train-The-Trainer students will continue to use Certified Training Solutions’ online BAT Procedures courses for each Breath Alcohol Technician they train (you must purchase a new course for each BAT student you wish to train).  This will ensure compliance and consistency in training to meet the Federal requirements for Breath Alcohol Technicians under the Department of Transportation (DOT) testing program.

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE:  By purchasing any of Certified Training Solutions’ online and/or webcam or live Train-The-Trainer courses, you agree that you will train only staff/employees within your own company/clinic, or facility. In obtaining training/certification from Certified Training Solutions, you also agree that you will purchase a new and separate online course for each person that you train. 

*Cost applies only if equipment/device is purchased directly from Certified Training Solutions. Additional fee applies if the device is purchased elsewhere.
**Live training is available in select locations only. If the BAT student is not geographically near one of our Qualified Trainers, the student is given the option of (1) traveling to a Trainer’s location or (2) webcam training.
We are also happy to provide you with a quote for onsite training at your location if you wish for a Trainer to travel to your site (fees will account for travel time & expenses, overnights, meals, classroom/teaching time, and liability).

CONTACT US AT 213-308-7630 or 307-640-5859 TO INQUIRE!

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