Course Name: WEBCAM – DOT Specimen Collector Training
Proficiency Demonstration Class (Live instruction and 5 error-free mock tests) with a Qualified Trainer
Course Location: WEBCAM
Course Details:
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All collector students must complete the online procedures training course prior to the webcam class. Federal Regulations require that both components of the training be completed within 30 days.

Web Cam Training Cost/Fees:  In addition to the fee for the online procedures training class, webcam trainees must pay the following fees for the proficiency demonstration class via webcam:
One (1) Student Only:  $350.00 per student
Two or more Students (same time & location):  $250 per student

Collector web cam trainees must have their own supply of DOT collection (split) kits and Federal Custody and Control Forms (CCFs) from their laboratory.  If you do not have you own Federal collection supplies, you will need to set up your account with a lab and ensure that you receive your supplies before your webcam training.  If you do not or cannot get your lab supplies prior to the collector webcam training, we may provide them for you at fee of $35.00 per student (shipping and processing).