DOT Specimen Collector Private Webcam Training Class

If you prefer to attend a private class (just you!) for your hands-on DOT Specimen Collector Proficiency Training, the fee is $350.00.  The class takes 3-4 hours, and you will have the Instructors full attention.

Private classes are scheduled flexibly on an as-requested basis to meet your schedule.

Note: The online Qualification Training/Procedures course must be completed within 30 days of WEBCAM Proficiency Demonstration Training. Ensure that you purchase and complete the Specimen Collector (or Collector Train The Trainer) course within the 30 days prior to this class date..
IMPORTANT: Full payment for Proficiency Demonstration Training must be made at least 2 days prior to your live/webcam training class. Your class date cannot be guaranteed until full payment is received.
After registering, you will receive an email with payment instructions,or we will call you for payment (we accept eChec
ks and credit cards).


Collector web cam trainees must have their own supply of DOT collection (split) kits and Federal Custody and Control Forms (CCFs) from their laboratory.  If you do not have you own Federal collection supplies, you will need to set up your account with a lab and ensure that you receive your supplies before your webcam training.  If you do not or cannot get your lab supplies prior to the collector webcam training, we will provide them for you at fee of $45.00 per student (shipping and processing).  Note: No part of your training fees are refundable after you have ordered & paid for training supplies (and payment in full for training must be received before your supplies will be shipped).

You must have at least 7 Federal Drug Testing Custody & Control Forms (CCFs) from your laboratory and at least 7 DOT split specimen collection kits for the training class.  You will also need a working webcam and a partner sitting with you during the class to act as your donor.