Alco-sensor IV/RBT IV Webcam Documents

Please print each of the following documents/forms as indicated for EACH student prior to your webcam training.

If you have trouble or need assistance, please email: Admin@CertifiedTrainingSolutions.com or call 307-640-5859.
Students should organize the documents in the order in which they are listed below (from the top down).
Also, you must check the list at the bottom of this page and ensure that you have all necessary equipment and supplies ready-to-go on the training day.

BAT Class Sign In Sheet (You will print one of these for each class you conduct and have all students sign-in on this. Keep for Trainer records. Change details on form to indicate your class date & location. Print 1 per class)

Sheet for BAT Class
File Size: 14 kb
File Type: docx

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BAT class Agenda – Print 1 per student.  Hand out to each student at beginning of class and review before starting the hands-on training/PowerPoint presentation.

Agenda for BAT Device Proficiency Class
File Size: 15 kb
File Type: docx

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Acknowledgement of ResponsibilitiesPrint 1 per student and have each student fill out and sign at beginning of class. Collect from each student after they are completed with this form.

BAT Student Acknowledgement
File Size: 18 kb
File Type: docx

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RBT IV Student Handout – Print 1 for each student.  Go through this with them to fill out during your class. (Hint: You should have the ‘answer key’ from the one you filled out during your own training.)

RBT IV Student Handout
File Size: 98 kb
File Type: docx

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RBT IV Keypad Handout – Print 1 for each student.  Review with Students during class when teaching them button functions.

RBT IV Keypad Handout
File Size: 29 kb
File Type: docx

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Performance Check Sheet (BAT Proficiency Demo Record) – Print 1 per student and use in your device proficiency training class. 

BAT Proficiency Demonstration Record for Mock Tests RBT IV
File Size: 17 kb
File Type: docx

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Checklist for Conducting DOT alcohol tests – Print 1 per student.
Have students use and follow this checklist for every mock test during your training class.  (This is a pdf document.)

Checklist for Conducting DOT Alcohol Tests
File Size: 346 kb
File Type: pdf

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Alco-sensor IV / RBT IV Quality Assurance Plan  – Print 1 per student and use in your device proficiency training class.

Alco-sensor IV / RBT IV Quality Assurance Plan
File Size: 28 kb
File Type: pdf

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Sample Logbook “How to record a new tank” – Print 1 per student

How to Record a New Tank Sample Accuracy Check Log
File Size: 58 kb
File Type: doc

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Calibration log book – Print 1-2 per student

Calibration Log Book (new, blank)
File Size: 57 kb
File Type: doc

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Altitude Chart For Intoximeters’ Gas Tanks – Print 1 per student
(Note: There are two-to-a-page.)

Altitude Chart for Gas Tank Value
File Size: 338 kb
File Type: docx

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Alcohol in the Body handout – Print 1 per student

Alcohol in The Body Handout
File Size: 26 kb
File Type: docx

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Sample of DOT ATF — Have each student use a ballpoint pen and fill out 5 of DOT ATFs in advance, as indicated on this sample form. This will help speed things up in your class.

ATF sample, areas to pre-fill
File Size: 1013 kb
File Type: jpg

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Device test/exam – Device test/exam – 1 per student (please print, but do not look at the test until your Instructor tells you to)

RBT IV Instrument Exam
File Size: 20 kb
File Type: docx

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You will also need to provide the following:
A total of at least 8 DOT (3-part) ATFs, for each student [These must be the carbon-less copy 3-part DOT forms]
Breath spray containing alcohol (such as Binaca or Scope brand)
Ballpoint pens, hi-lighters, pencils
Tamper-evident tape
Mouthpieces for your device (at least 12 per student)
1-2 Extra new 9-volt alkaline batteries (either Duracell, Duracell ProCell, or Energizer only)

Your gas tank and regulator (and your calibration/accuracy check log, if you have started one for your device)
Extra batteries and printer paper (and make sure any rechargeable batteries are charged!)
Your AC charging cord
A trash can nearby

You must have your web cam set up and working, along with adequate audio.
If you have not scheduled your “test” webcam call yet, please do so at least 4 days prior to your scheduled training date.

Important: If you are using your ‘real’ EBT device for training, be sure to note in your Log Book that the device was “Removed from service for training purposes”, and note the time & date. After training is completed, you should perform (and record) an accuracy check on your device before placing it back into service; and note in the Log Book that you are placing the EBT back in service with the time & date.

Reminder: All BATs and Train-The-Trainer persons must repeat their training every five (5) years.

Notice: The resources, forms and documents provided in this course and on this webpage are for students of Certified Training Solutions only.  All materials are protected by U.S. Copyright laws.  You may not post, publish, share, or distribute these copyrighted materials to any other person or entity, electronically, printed, or in any other form.  Violations are subject to legal action.