DOT Specimen Collector Online Training
This discounted rate is offered to our customers by pre-arrangement only.
(Cost is per student. You must purchase one online course for each person that will complete the online training.)

Please use the information below to purchase the DOT Specimen Collector Procedures training at the discounted rate of $69.99. Use Coupon Code at checkout: minus20

1. Click the payment button below.
2. If you have an account sign in with your login information, or create an account for the new student.




Note: This sample page is not clickable. These are example graphics only below.

Step 2:  Log in to your account – or create an account if this is the first time you’re purchasing with us.
On the CART page look for the box below and CLICK IT to purchase for others (it looks like this):

If you do not click this box (above) and continue with the purchase, the system will assign all courses to YOU only, and your employees will not be able to complete them.

You will then be asked how many of this course you want to purchase (Number of Users)… and if YOU are one of the Users that you’re buying this course for now.
Enter/select number of persons you’re buying the course for.
If you do not intend to buy this course for yourself at this time, Select “NO”.
Note: It is BEST that you say “YES” if you have everyone’s name/email address. Then you will enter them on the next screen.  If you do not have a UNIQUE email address for each person, you will be sent ‘codes’ that they can use after purchase to access their course (this adds an extra layer of complexity).

IMPORTANT:  Please DO NOT use YOUR email address for all users.  Email address is the “unique identifier” in our system.  This means that each email address may be used ONCE for one person only.  The same email address CANNOT be used for more than one person.  If you enter the same email address for more than one person, the system will assign (in error) the course to that person’s email address more than once.

Then click to continue with payment:

You may also use the “Buy Now” button to the right.
($69.99 discounted fee, cost is per student). On the next page, please enter the number of students in “Quantity”. You will be billed $69.99 for each student. [The fee must be paid for each individual.] Note this method does not use the coupon code
Note: When using this payment method, after payment is received, you will need to fill out the student information sheet, then students’ names/emails will be entered manually.  It may take up to 10-60 minutes to process the names and send students their login/enrollment emails to begin their online training.