How To Start a Drug & Alcohol Testing Business

​At Certified Training Solutions, we often receive calls from prospective customers asking for assistance in starting their own drug and alcohol testing business.  We are always prepared to help, and we offer the initial required training courses/certifications and supplies needed to break into this business.  In fact, we receive so many of these types of calls from hopeful entrepreneurs that we created a short, but informative online training course called, “How To Start A Drug and Alcohol Testing Business”.  The online course is self-paced, but takes the average person one to two hours to complete it.  You may read more details about the course and purchase it for only $28.95 at:
What sort of background do I need to start a drug and alcohol testing business?
Owners of drug and alcohol testing businesses come from a variety of backgrounds.  However, in our experience, the majority seem to have some sort of medical or investigative background.  Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs who have never worked in a related industry have done very well for themselves in starting and growing a drug testing business.
Like anything else in life, the main factors in leading to success are going to be your motivation, attitude, and how hard you work at what you are trying to accomplish.  Plus, since the Federal drug and alcohol testing industry is highly-regulated, your success will also hinge on your knowledge and expertise in the Federal Rules that regulate this industry.  Newcomers to the industry should plan to spend countless hours reading and studying Federal Regulations, such the Department of Transportation (DOT) 49 CFR Part 40 and related DOT Operating Agency Regulations.  You will gain the respect of your clients and peers by becoming an expert in relevant regulatory matters and procedures.
What sort of training do I need to begin drug and alcohol testing?
The Federal (DOT) Rules require that any person conducting DOT alcohol tests or urine specimen collections for drug testing must have the mandated training for each.  There are two components to the training. Component One is what’s called the “procedures training”. This is mostly the rules and regulations (and the “how to” in great details.  The 2nd part of the required training is the proficiency demonstration (hands-on training), where you will need to complete a series of mock tests under the live observation of a qualified Trainer/Instructor.  For BAT proficiency training, your Instructor will also teach you the ins and outs of your specific breath testing device.
Certified Training Solutions offers both Professional Specimen Collector training (for drug testing) and Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) training.  We also offer Train-The-Trainer for Collectors and BATs, which will allow you to perform the hands-on (Component 2) training with others within your own organization, clinic, or facility.
You may read the details and pricing for Collector training on our website at:
And details and pricing for BAT training for alcohol testing may be found at:
What sort of supplies and equipment do I need to start a drug and alcohol testing business?
In order to complete Federal collections for drug testing, you will need to have the required supplies – this includes both Federal Drug Testing Custody & Control Forms (CCFs) and DOT split specimen collection kits.  These supplies are often provided free from laboratories; however, you must contact an HHS-accredited laboratory and set up an account with them before they will send you your collection supplies. You may find the list of approved labs here:
To conduct the entire alcohol testing process, you will need a device called an “evidential breath tester”. The device must be listed on the “Conforming Products List (CPL) of Evidential Breath Measurement Devices”. You may find the EBT device list here:
Be certain to do your research and ensure that the device also meets the additional DOT requirements for conducting both screening and confirmation tests.  One of the most popular, fully-approved devices on the market today is the Alcovisor Jupiter.  Take a look at our demo video of the Jupiter here:
A costly and time-consuming mistake that many newcomers to the industry make is purchasing a cheap breath testing device from the Internet simply because the website or advertising states, “DOT-Approved”.  Beware: There are many inexpensive SCREENING devices that are DOT-approved; however, they may NOT be used for the full DOT alcohol testing process (i.e. They may not be used for confirmation testing, and you may not be trained as a BAT on such devices.)  Such device are allowed for screening tests only, and a person may only be trained as a Screening Test Technician on these types of devices.
Once you have obtained your supplies and equipment, and you’ve completed the required training/certifications, you are ready to begin offering your services to customers.  Of course, keep in mind that you must follow any State, local, or Federal Rules regarding business licensing, taxes, etc., in addition to following the Federal procedures for alcohol testing and drug collections.
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