Certified Training Solutions’ staff to attend ASLRRA convention IN Orlando,  FL

We invite our customers to look for Lisa Bradley at the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association 2015 convention to say “Hello”!

Lisa will be attending the Drug and Alcohol Designated Employee Representative (DER) 2-day training course that will be presented by Sam Noe on March 31 – April 1, 2015. Sam Noe is a FRA Drug and Alcohol Program Specialist. 

We are excited that Lisa will be attending the FRA training course, which will include in-depth information relating to the FRA drug and alcohol testing program, requirements, and regulations; as well as FRA Subpart C, Post-Accident Toxicological Testing requirements and Reasonable Suspicion (Signs & Symptoms) training.  We are looking forward to enhancing our DER and FRA courses with the information that Ms. Bradley will bring back from these live training sessions in Orlando.

We hope to see you there!

2015 Connections Convention
March 28-31, 2015
Hilton Orlando
Orlando, Florida

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