Alco-Screen® 02

Alco-Screen® 02

  • The most affordable, effective instant alcohol test available
  • DOT-approved for alcohol screening tests
  • Easy pass/fail reading
  • Non-invasive test provides a result in just 4 minutes!
  • ​Only $44.00 per box!
  • ​24 test per box
Purchase Screening Test Technician (STT) Train-The-Trainer full package for only $328.99!  Includes online STT/STT Train-The-Trainer Procedures Course and webcam proficiency training on the Alco Screen 02.
Click here for more details on STT Certification Training.

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Alco Screen 02 control solution best price discount

Alco-screen 02 Control Solution
 $40.00 for 2 bottles, includes a positive & negative control. See Order Form to purchase.

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